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Rural Education

The Education Program supports community preschools, capacity-building for local teachers and parents, and facilitation of a community-based after-school program for first to fourth-graders in communities where most students do not complete primary school due to economic pressures and low quality of schooling.


The Education Program works to support access to quality schools; retention and promotion of children and adolescents from preschool through 12th grade; integrate families in educational processes and educational advocacy; improve the technical skills of teachers; and promote of the value of education in the community itself.


The Program also works to develop the skills and human resources to have the local educational programs led entirely by community members.

Program Description

The education program is aimed at improving the educational level of children and adolescents and targeting these specific objectives:

  • Identify, integrate and train leaders to support the educational work and support processes that create locally managed projects.

  • Organize teacher trainings to strengthen the skills of teachers in pedagogy and methodology.

  • Support child development through a school-based meal program.

  • Offer technical assistance and planning support to teachers, community leaders, and parents.

  • Train and support community leaders to advocate with the Ministry of Education and other institutions for better quality teachers and schools.

  • Offer financial support/stipends to teachers and aids where needed to maintain quality teaching.

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