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Climate Justice

NHLSCP works with two rural communities in Nicaragua displaced by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Both communities struggle to overcome historic poverty and oppression, and climate disruption presents a significant new challenge.  The Climate Justice Project works with US and Nicaraguan volunteers and communities to build a healthier more just future in Nicaragua.

Climate Justice: A call to... 

  • Recognize the damage we’ve done to local and global ecosystems through burning large amounts of fossil fuels.

  • Limit that damage as soon as possible and move to live within natural system limits to protect future generations.

  • Help vulnerable communities globally – who’ve done significantly less damage – prepare for climate extremes (sea level rise, droughts, extended heat waves, extreme weather) and to address their local environmental, health and justice issues.

Climate Solutions:  Actions to create healthy resilient communities globally….

  • Working with local communities to identify vulnerabilities and develop projects that increase resiliency, reduce GHG emissions, and include other benefits (public health, jobs, etc)

  • Commit real resources recognizing that climate solutions work is essentially cleaning up problems generated in the global north.

  • Develop respectful relationships with vulnerable communities and build on local knowledge and wisdom and embrace creativity as we all work together to take on the unprecedented challenge of climate disruption.

To get involved on working on a climate justice project – cool schools, access to water, crisis preparation, etc –  contact us at or call 203.562.1607

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