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Climate Change

This Program is a response to the urgent climate crisis we face which threatens human and ecosystem well-being in Nicaragua and New Haven. This project educates the public and elected leaders about specific threats climate change presents to food security, local ecosystems and economic stability, and advocates for policies and actions that cut carbon emissions and improve local public health. The Program includes work with the goNewHavengo, the New Haven Climate Movement and other efforts.

New Haven Climate Movement

The New Haven Climate Movement organizes public actions and events calling for action on the climate emergency, is working towards implementing the New Haven Climate and Sustainability Framework (passed in 2018) with the City, and advocates for strong greenhouse gas emission reductions at the State level.

Other Carbon Emissions Reduction Initiatives

NHLSCP is working to initiative collaborative projects (with interns, volunteers, other organizations) that will reduce carbon emissions, create jobs and improve public health.


They include:

goNewHavengo: brings together organizations and individuals to promote greater use of alternative transportation options. A new resource promoting car free living – Live! Car Free! – was just created.

Elm Energy Efficiency Project: A Resource for Tenants and Landlords. Did you know that the average building wastes around a third of the energy it consumes? This new website is designed for landlords and tenants to gain knowledge and information about energy efficiency options and other green actions for renters in the state of Connecticut.

Living Yard Project: A new resource and campaign to encourage residents to move away from energy and chemical intensive lawns to native perennials and trees that create local habitat and serve as carbon sinks.

Climate Health Education Project: This site contains numerous climate education resources invite educators to include climate action and education in their regular classes.

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