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Ecostove Project

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The EcoStove Project (previously Nicaragua Carbon Offset Fund) places clean efficient cookstoves with families and small businesses in Goyena and Troilo to reduce indoor air pollution (responsible for a significant amount of respiratory disease), wood expense, and greenhouse gas emissions.

NHLSCP – with your help – subsidizes half the $140 cost of the stoves, and the rural families pay the other half in monthly installments over a year. This costs them about $5 per month or about what a typical family saves on wood with the new stoves. The EcoStoves are made at a small business in Leon.

The EcoStoves can also be considered a carbon offset. EcosStove donations are also a way to support climate justice and recognize the responsibility of wealthier countries to support lower income communities trying to cope with increasing climate impacts.

Donate here to improve health, save families money, and respond to climate crisis. (Put Stoves in Designation line).

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To learn more about climate change and other ways to make a difference go to our Climate Change page.

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