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NHLSCP Delegations offer:

  • Field-based, experiential approach to learning.

  • Cultural immersion and homestays with local families.

  • Meetings/workshops with in-country experts, and community members.

  • Hands on projects in-country rooted in community needs and ongoing programs.

  • Connecticut program staff offer unique opportunities for advanced trip preparation and follow up.


The NH/LSCP has been organizing delegations of US citizens to Nicaragua since its founding in 1984. The primary purpose of an NH/LSCP delegation is to expose US citizens to the broader context of what they find in Nicaragua, and to ask them to think critically and creatively when making connections between their own lives and the lives of Nicaraguans.

Delegations can be tailored to address the specific interests of a group; but all delegates are introduced to the Spanish conquest and US intervention, the Sandinista revolution and current international economic policies, with particular attention paid to the impacts of these factors on Nicaraguan communities.

Delegates stay with host families in a neighborhood of León.Delegates also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the natural beauty of Nicaragua’s volcanoes, beaches, lakes, and forests.

Most delegations are organized through existing institutions such as schools, universities, or places of worship. Staff in New Haven provides support for pre-departure orientation meetings. We encourage teachers, students, and peer leaders to organize delegations; and return home ready to share what they’ve seen and learned, and to invite others into more sustained support for and solidarity with Nicaraguans.

Health Concerns

We encourage potential delegates to talk to your doctor and/or check out the CDC Nicaragua Health Information page to help prepare for travel.

More Information

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